Mother’s Day Flowers

Tell “mom/mum/mammy/mumu/ma/mama/whatever you call her/” you love her with one of these fabulous floral selections.

Tulips and roses and MORE tulips and roses...tell her you love her!
this lovely little garden basket of blooms will put a smile on her face!
This adorable pave arrangement of white and green blooms and succulents will tug at your heart strings.
This lovely glass cube pave of all white blooms is a winner!
Pretty, pink and fresh. Tell her that you love her with flowers.
Blooming Beauty
This charming and tasteful arrangement of pink and green blooms will be sure to make her smile!
Impact, impact and more impact! Surprise and delight her with this stunning fresh floral display.
Bold and punchy, this high contrast bouquet will hit the mark. This hand-tied bouquet comes wrapped in cellophane looking all lovely and ready to go into a vase.
Does she love pink? Just had a baby girl maybe? This is the perfect choice!!
A garden basket of delight will be sure to put a smile on your face. Our selection changes seasonally but will always be lush and full of garden goodies.
This heavenly carpet of soft beautiful blooms will blow her out of the water!
All soft and sweet and romantic. This hand-tied combination of roses and lilies and hydrangea will be sure to please! This handtied bouquet comes wrapped in cellophane looking all lovely and ready to go into a vase.
This tasteful pave in soft soothing tones says happily ever after.
Add a touch of spring with this classy take on a traditional.
Choose this lovely pave of roses,orchids and hydrangea to put a smile on her face!
This lush, compact, floral cube will be sure to put a smile on anyone's face.
Designers Choice - Compact Arrangement
Our creative team will create a one of a kind, compact arrangement in a lovely container just for you.
Designers Choice - Loose and Airy Arrangement
Our creative team will create a show stopper of an arrangement in a lovely container just for you.
Designers Choice
Hand-tied Bouquet
Let our talented designers create a unique hand tied bouquet just for you! Your bouquet will arrive beautifully wrapped in cello and ready to place into the recipients own vase.
Designers Choice
A living planter will bring joy and peace for a long time to come! Perfect for those with a green thumb!
Vibrant and fun, this colourful arrangement is packed with bright blooms.
A monochromatic all white hand-tied bouquet of hydrangea, roses, calla lilies and lovely textural greens. Perfect for that stylish love in your life. This bouquet arrives handtied and wrapped in cellophane, ready to go right into a vase.
Green blooms abound in this charming pave arrangement.
Bright and bold and full of energy…does that describe her?
Fresh bright and juicy gerbera daisies overflow out of a tasteful glass vase with a leaf wrap.
Feeling Fresh
Gorgeous and contemporary, this stylish arrangement is perfect!
This all white and cream pave arrangement will add fragrance and elegance to any table top.
Tasteful and contemporary roses and succulents combine for a wonderful effect in this compact arrangement.
Lush, full and exquisite. That says it all!
Fragrant and lovely! This coloured glass vase filled with spring blooms will be a hit!
An elegant glass vase packed full of soft mauve, purple and white tones. An elegant classic!
This is the perfect arrangement for ANY occasion!
Large full blooms of hydrangea, roses, and herbs spill out of this rustic planter.
Orchids, roses, viburnum and more!
A garden posy at its finest.
A bright passionate display of roses, gerbera, orchids and tulips. Hand tied and wrapped in cello. Tell her how much you care!
Spirited yet peaceful. Soothing shapes fill this jazzy bouquet of contrasting colours. This handtied bouquet comes wrapped in cello looking all lovely and ready to go in a vase.
This bright and fresh arrangement in a glass cube will be perfect for ANY occasion!
This fun arrangement brings to mind a bright summers day filled with laughter and sunshine.
Does she LOVE purple? Then this is the one for her. A gorgeous purple glass vase filled with purple blooms!
Roses and tulips abound in this spring cube arrangement. Perfect to say "I love you" on that special day.
Orchids and Viburnum abound in this tasteful glass vase with a leaf wrap inside. Tell her she is loved with flowers!
Soft, sweet and pretty, a winning combination.
Soothing, soft and peaceful blooms arranged in a contemporary grass wrapped vase.
Fresh, young and colourful! Does it get better?
Seasonally available, this fabulous pedestal arrangement shows off these abundant blooms to perfection!
A compact pave of lush big blooms in a small contemporary container.
Purple Passion
A vinatge look wooden box filled with purple and blush inspired romantic blooms.
Tulips and apples...oh my! This luscious arrangement will be sure to please.
Texture says it all. This bountiful collection of berries, twigs and other bright blooms feels like a walk in a autumn forest.
An all tulip bouquet in all the best colours we have available...does anything say fresh , bright and cheerful better?? This hand-tied bouquet comes wrapped in cellophane looking all lovely and ready to go into a vase.
An eclectic collection of juicy succulent plants for that bright sunny spot. Low maintenance and easy care!
Pink and green blooms abound in this lush cube arrangement. Tell her you think she is super with flowers!
Cymbidium orchid blooms combined with coordinating roses massed together pave style in a small silver julep cup.
Sweet on You
Cool and contemporary! This flax lined vase filled with roses, viburnum and hydrangea and other bright seasonal blooms can't help but make you look like a rock star!
Rustic yet chic! This coloured glass mason jar filled with lovely garden blooms will be sure to make her fill loved!
Tea Party
A walk in a spring field or maybe a garden party? These colourful yet soothing tones say Happy Mother's Day all over them! Tell her you love her with flowers.
A textural mix of garden blooms such as hydrangea, roses, and callas in a soft soothing palette of pinks, mauves and whites. All tied together and wrapped in cello.
Contemporary and sleek. This adorable collection of happy bright blooms will be sure to make them smile!
Fresh and fun. Cantaloupe orange and fresh apple green blooms abound beneath a canopy of lily grass loops.
Send this creative and brightly coloured arrangement and you'll be sure to reap the rewards!
This lush pave in a glass cube is packed with bright pink tones.
This lovely wooden box filled with antique inspired blooms will surely bring a smile to their faces.
The classic white lily arrangement, fragrant and stunning!
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* Prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include delivery charges and applicable taxes (5% GST - Goods and Services Tax & 7% PST - Provincial Sales Tax)

*As all flowers aren't always in season we reserve the right to substitute blooms with a similar "look" and feel.