Flower Care Tips

Take to heart some of our time and flower saving tips below!

  • Begin processing flowers as soon as you receive them.
  • Mix flower preservative in a clean container (preferably glass or plastic instead of metal) according to package instructions using the correct amount of warm water.
  • Carefully remove foliage that will be under water in the container.
  • Re-cut stems with a sharp knife or floral cutters (try to avoid scissor as this can crush the stems instead of creating a fresh drinking surface).
  • Arrange flowers in a container with enough space that air can circulate properly( tight packed flowers will prematurely rot).
  • Flowers displayed in a cool location will always last longer. Keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from extreme temperatures caused by radiators and air conditioning units.
  • Try to keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables as they produce a gas called ethylene. (Ethylene promotes fast deterioration and a shorter life for the flowers).
  • Check water levels in the container daily and add more water when it gets low. Dump out old water and mix a fresh preservative solution if flowers last more than one week (or if water turns murky).
  • Re-cutting approximately ½ inch off stems every couple of days helps remove any air blockages that may occur.
  • Remove wilted flowers and leaves daily to help remaining flowers last longer.
  • Scrub container after use with bleach (or a strong cleaner) and hot water. Do not simply rinse out with plain water because harmful; bacteria will not be removed.

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