Mother’s Day Flowers — What to Get Mom This Year

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (May 12, 2013), and believe it, even I get my mom flowers (although she lives at a distance) for Mother’s Day.  It’s something that just seems to be universally appreciated and appealing.

So, why not get a head start and check off the “what to get Mom for Mother’s day” to-do off your list.

When thinking about what to get her, here are a few things to consider:

Who IS she? 

Does she garden or is she one of those women who kills a plant by looking at it funny?  Maybe an arrangement is a better way to go — low maintenance!

Does she have a tonne of vases already?

If so, then maybe a hand-tied arrangement is what you’re looking for (and put the money , that you WOULD have spent on a vase, into even more beautiful blooms).

Are you going to have it delivered to her at work? 

Maybe, a vase is in order after-all.

You know what’s best!

When we think about Mom, we often think back to what she had in the house for flowers when we were younger.  Sometimes, it’s the smell, sometimes it’s no smell at all.  Other times, it’s her favorite color, or her favorite flower.  And yet, she has grown up just like we all have, and may have different interests now than when we were younger, so maybe instead she would appreciate a potted blooming arrangement.  Only you know what you’re mom will love.

But in the event you know she’ll love anything you’ll send, you can have us make up one of our designer choice arrangements, and we’ll send her something gorgeous.

Take a look at our selection in our mother’s day flowers catalog.  It isn’t too early to pre-order, so that you know you’ve got your bases covered.

And a last thought — YES, we DO deliver on the Mother’s Day Sunday, but we also can deliver on the Thursday, Friday or Saturday so that she gets to enjoy them for the entire weekend.  Consider that, when you go to place your order, online or by telephone (250-386-4741 — 1-800-731-9977).

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