Pantone Colours of 2017

Spring Pantone Forecast

I had the pleasure of chatting with Michelle Brisebois at Canadian Florist Magazine back in December about the upcoming release of the 2017 Pantone Colours of the year. Well, the article just came out and apparently I had something “quotable” to say about it!
The article is called, “Colour Code” and I have posted it here for you to check out!

It chats about the influences the economic climate has on the colours we prefer and are drawn to in times of stress and unease.  To paraphrase Michelle, we are more likely to choose colours of intensity and of happy memories.  Festive and bright tones like Flame, Greenery, Primrose Yellow and Pink Yarrow provide relief from the uncertainty  and are all vivid popping tones of happy times.

There are some soothing and neutral tones as well, such as Dogwood, Kale and Hazelnut that balance the mood to tranquility and add some purity and innocence to the  tangy palate that predominates this Spring Pantone Forecast.  Give the article a read…I would love to hear your thoughts about it!


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