Seasonal Arrangements

Can you believe it?  The “season” is upon us!  The Christmas music is already in the malls, and my husband is, unbelievably, talking about putting up the lights!  Something about putting a giant snow-globe on the roof (to which I gave him “the look“).

Which brings me to the topic at hand — have you considered how you are decorating your dinner table, hearth, or mantle this year?

Every year we get a flood of last minute panic phone calls hoping there’s something for their home, still available, that will add that special touch of seasonal joy.  While we always somehow seem to pull it off, and make those last minute “please, you have to help me!” requests happen, you could save yourself a lot of stress if you do even just a little planning ahead of time

What decorations can you use from previous years

Who want’s to spend a lot of money on a whole new set of lights or baubles?  There are so many ways you can re-use your previous year’s decorations in new ways.  Do you need to string the outside lights in the same places, or can you light the trees instead of the house this year?  Consider all of your decorations and their colour pallets, and then also those items that perhaps are a little too “tired”.  Edit, delete, and copy and paste.

What decorations can you make yourself

If you haven’t discovered the amazing world of Pintrest, and want to get creative, you might just find yourself immersed in a million and one new ideas.  Head over there if you need to get inspired!

What decorations do you need to round out “the plan”

And of course, what would the season be without a little “retail therapy”?  Sometimes just one or two new shiny or sparkly items for the home will add a whole new light to the short and dark days of this time of year.  As we get closer to Christmas, places like Michaels and Home Sense are open later, so you can sneak out even after dinner.

What accent pieces will “ice the cake”

And of course, consider some accent pieces for when you’re having guests over.  We’ve done cedar garland for bannisters, decorated amazing Christmas trees, and of course many a table centre-piece for xmas dinner.  While you don’t want to go overboard, one or two points of interest will have your guests feeling how much you appreciated them by “going all out” for them.

So give yourself a break from holding everyone else’s world together, check out our offerings in our Christmas catalog, and reward yourself with a little “pre-planning-got-my-christmas-accent-pieces-figured-out” shopping done [high-five]!

Hope you’re as excited about brightening up your home with joy as we are! 

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