Valentine’s Day Flowers

week of romance, red rosesWell, that romantic day is soon to be upon us, Valentine’s Day! February 14th is fast approaching and you may need a few ideas for your spouse, partner, or loved one for their Valentine’s Day Flowers this year.

Build Your Own Bouquet

Check out our, “Build Your Own Custom Rose Bouquet” to create just the right sentiment to send to your loved one!

RosesClassic is Romantic

Of course, we also have the “classic” romantic rose arrangement (always a winner).

Look Like a Rock Star

Thinking of sending something a bit more extravagant this year? A fabulous optioSunflowersn is our “Year of Flowers” — give a gift that keeps giving all year.

We do all the work and you get to look like the Rock Star! There are several options to choose from depending on your budget and all include a vase with the first delivery, (which can be arranged for February 14th) and then the rest of the year, once every month, your sweetheart will receive a beautiful bouquet to go in that vase. This package includes delivery every month and we call to set up appropriate delivery times and days…what could be easier? You even get to write a personal message every month!

LaughterOr Think Outside the Box

If you think a little more outside the box but still want to send flowers this year and don’t want to do the “ROSE” thing,  no worries! We have you covered for that too.

Our Valentine’s Day Flowers Catalogue has tons of options available and many are “roseless.” Check it out and choose something to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face this Valentine’s Day.

The Language of Roses

Depending on your relationship “status” you may be wondering what is appropriate to send, well here is a little info that may make things a little easier…the meanings of the different colours of roses.

Coral Roses – convey desire
Lavender Roses – symbolizes love at first sight
Orange Roses – indicates desire and fascination
Soft Pink Roses – conveys admiration, grace, joy and sweetness
Deep Pink Roses – says thank-you
White Roses – expresses purity, secrecy, innocence and charm
Yellow Roses – indicates gladness, friendship and “I care”
Red and White Roses together – signify unity
Red Rose single – means “I love you”
Red Roses – symbolizes sincere Love, Respect, Courage and Passion
Single Roses – in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude
Spray Roses – indicates young love, innocent love and “You are sweet”

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